Reflexology is a type of massage applied to specific points on the feet with a firm or gentle pressure. It brings total relaxation and activates the body’s own abilities for health and well-being. The feet are a very responsive part of the body. It is believed that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems via the nervous system. The ancient Chinese believed in qi (pronounced “chee”), or “vital energy.” According to this belief, qi flows through each person. When a person feels stressed, their body blocks qi.

Foot work has been used to promote good health as far back as the ancient Eqyptians, early Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Russians. Many of these same techniques have been developed into the modern scientific treatment known today as Reflexology. The main principle that joins these methods together is the discovery of energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts. The reflexologist stimulates more than 7,000 nerves when touching the feet encouraging the opening and clearing of neural pathways.

The benefits of reflexology:

  • Reduces stress and induces deep relaxation

  • Improves circulation

  • Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities

  • Balances the whole system

  • Revitalizes energy

  • Preventive health care (helping to strengthen immune responses)

  • Stimulating creativity and productivity

Reflexology is not a foot massage or a medical treatment. Reflexologist do not diagnose illness, nor do they practice medicine. Clients responses are on an individual basis and the reflexologist can not claim to cure. However clients will feel benefits from the treatments and experience well-being, body balance and better health.